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How to fix Facebook ads restricted

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Dec 5, 2023

Have your Facebook ads been restricted, causing frustration and potentially impacting your advertising campaigns? You're not alone. Facebook's ad policies can be complex, and even the most well-intentioned advertisers can encounter ad restrictions. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the steps to address and fix Facebook ads that have been restricted.

Understanding Facebook Ad Restrictions

Before we dive into the solutions, let's briefly explore why Facebook might restrict your ads:

  • Policy Violations: Facebook has strict advertising policies that cover everything from prohibited content to targeting practices. If your ad violates these policies, it may be restricted.

  • Suspicious Activity: Unusual account activity, such as multiple ad rejections, can trigger restrictions.

  • Payment Issues: Outstanding bills or payment problems can lead to ad restrictions.

Now, let's get into the steps to resolve these issues:

1. Review Facebook's Advertising Policies

The first step is to thoroughly review Facebook's Advertising Policies. This document outlines what is and isn't allowed in Facebook ads. Carefully check if your ad content, targeting, or landing page violates any of these policies.

2. Edit Your Ad

If you discover that your ad does indeed violate Facebook's policies, you'll need to edit it. This might involve changing the ad's text, image, or targeting parameters to comply with the rules.

3. Appeal the Decision

If you believe that your ad doesn't violate Facebook's policies or if the restriction was applied in error, you can submit an appeal. Facebook provides an appeal process where you can explain your case and request a review.

4. Resolve Payment Issues

If your ad account is restricted due to payment issues, ensure that your payment method is up-to-date and that there are no outstanding bills. Once you've resolved these problems, your ad account should be reactivated.

5. Check for Unusual Activity

Review your ad account for any unusual activity, such as frequent ad rejections or unauthorized access. Ensure your account is secure, and if you notice any irregularities, take immediate action.

6. Seek Support from Facebook

If you've followed the steps above and your ad account remains restricted, it's time to seek help from Facebook's support team. Contact them through the Facebook Business Help Center or Ads Help Center. Provide as muc

h detail as possible about your issue for a quicker resolution.

7. Prevent Future Restrictions

To avoid future ad restrictions, stay updated on Facebook's policies, monitor your ad account regularly, and ensure compliance with their guidelines. Implement best practices in ad creation and targeting to minimize the risk of restrictions.


Dealing with Facebook ads that are restricted can be challenging, but it's essential to maintain compliance with Facebook's policies and resolve any issues promptly. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can address and fix Facebook ads that have been restricted, allowing you to continue your advertising efforts effectively and compliantly. Remember, staying informed and proactive is key to advertising success on Facebook.

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