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How to get Tiktok agency account

Account - Aimee
Dec 31, 2023

The TikTok Agency account is a specialized solution designed for advertising and marketing entities. With this feature, advertising agencies can efficiently manage and deploy advertising campaigns for multiple clients. This account provides creative tools, detailed analytics, and easy management, enabling advertising teams to optimize strategies and measure campaign performance conveniently.

What is a Tik Tok Agency Account? 

A TikTok Agency Account is a type of advertising account granted by media companies or entities authorized by TikTok. This advertising account provides access to all tools, features, and ad formats not supported by individual TikTok advertising accounts. TikTok Agencies typically handle tasks such as funding, planning advertising concepts, monitoring reports, and optimizing operations. In the event of policy-related issues with the advertisements, TikTok Agencies serve as intermediaries to negotiate with TikTok.

How to get a Tik Tok Agency Account? 

Step 1: Initiate with a Personal Account:

Begin by establishing a regular TikTok account if you haven't done so already. This serves as the starting point for your journey towards acquiring an agency account.

Step 2: Submit an Application:

Apply for a TikTok agency account by completing the official TikTok Agency Account Application form. Furnish essential details about your agency, encompassing its name, website, and links to social media profiles. Additionally, submit legal documentation verifying your agency's status, such as a certificate of incorporation or a business license.

Step 3: Await Approval:

Following the submission of your application, TikTok will meticulously review the provided information to assess your agency's eligibility for an agency account. Patience is essential as this evaluation process may extend over several weeks.

Step 4: Configure Your Agency Account:

Upon approval, TikTok will guide you through the setup process for your agency account. This entails creating a new TikTok account intricately linked to your agency's official email address and phone number.

Once your agency account is fully configured, a spectrum of capabilities unfolds. This includes managing multiple TikTok accounts seamlessly from a centralized dashboard. Your agency account empowers you to craft and publish content, oversee comments and messages efficiently, and delve into comprehensive analytics to gauge performance effectively.

What is the difference between a Personal and Agency Account?

At this point, we will list several key differences between a personal account and an Agency account to provide an overview of both account types 

Through the comparison chart, everyone can clearly see the significant differences between a personal TikTok account and a TikTok agency account. Currently, Luca Agency is utilizing TikTok agency accounts to provide our clients with an elevated experience.

Let's collaborate to build a unique advertising strategy, optimize campaigns, and achieve impressive results on the rapidly evolving TikTok platform. Connect with Luca Agency Marketing today to embark on a new advertising journey, where creativity and strategy converge to bring your brand to millions of users worldwide. We look forward to the opportunity to work together and accompany you on the path to success on TikTok!

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